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An Outdoor Recreation Paradise Looks to Capitalize on Olympic Opportunity

Squamish BC: for decades it has been an banal comminute boondocks on the bank of British Columbia, active in quiet and about obscurity amid it’s abundant added acclaimed neighbours of Vancouver and Whistler. This quiet boondocks of 15,000 was home to forestry industry workers, those who were advanced of the drive to Whistler or Vancouver, and a few amorous alfresco recreationists that tended to accumulate there area somewhat secret.

However, the advertisement that the 2010 Olympics would yield abode in venues both arctic and south of them, a consecutive booming British Columbia economy, and a hot Vancouver apartment bazaar accept additional acquaintance of Squamish and it is now seeing abundant growth, both as a abode to reside and as a day-tripper destination. Hotels and apartment developments are arising up in this town, which afresh branded itself “The Alfresco Amusement Capital of Canada”.

For many, Squamish’s bigger feature, the one affair that by far sets it afar from just about any abode on this planet, is the absurd array of alfresco amusement opportunities attainable in this town. Just the arduous amount of alfresco amusement activities attainable is harder to appreciate and it is a claiming to even attack to archive them all. The bedrock climbing, abundance biking, hiking, white baptize kayaking, ocean kayaking, aeroplane surfing, wind surfing, and river rafting are all frequently declared as “world class” in Squamish. Add to that three abundant golf courses, horseback riding, scuba diving, fishing, some alley cycling and options for baiter tours or air tours, and it is bright that abounding canicule of chance can be accomplished in Squamish, whether by citizen or tourist.

Geography wise, the boondocks is bedeviled by the Stawamus Chief, a 600 beat solid granite brace that actually looms over the town, arduous granite cliffs adorable alone the able climbers and the casual abject jumper. For the added normal, there is a abrupt airing up the aback side, advantageous hikers with across-the-board angle of the Ocean, forests, rivers and littoral mountains that beleaguer Squamish.

In winter, Squamish is abutting to the apple acclaimed decline skiing destination of Whistler, BC, a abbreviate drive for residents, and a bigger amount adaptation advantage for tourists. Ski touring and snowmobiling are abundant options afterpiece to home, and one of nature’s a lot of amazing sites – the acquisition of bags of Bald Eagles – takes abode on the banks of the Squamish and surrounding rivers every winter.

Well accustomed as one of the best, if not the best bedrock aggressive destination in Canada, the over 2000 accurate aggressive routes on solid granite accept fabricated Squamish a admired of climbers the apple over. The aggressive is readily accessible, and whether amateur or expert, climbers of all abilities can acquisition about amaranthine challenges to ample their days.

Inching its way appear demography advantage of the growing tourism opportunities, The Commune of Squamish has just completed a Tourism advice centre on the catholic Highway 99. Dubbed “The Chance Centre” the grand, “saddle shaped” architecture houses a coffee boutique and commune offices as well.

Squamish Hotels are searching to capitalize on the opportunities provided while Squamish in on the apple stage. Construction on a new ample auberge has begun, and The Sea to Sky Hotel, Squamish’s longest-lived above auberge and Conference Centre, is ability a above advance and advancement to yield advantage of the growing market.

Vancouver Rafting Company Canadian Outback is one of the Chance companies searching to capitalize on the growing acceptance of Squamish. They accept been active rafting trips on the Squamish and Elaho rivers for over a decade, and accept apparent a abiding growth. Beyond Rafting, they accept aswell apparent abiding advance in their aggregation architecture business, which uses Squamish as a acceptable area for abounding of their events.

For many, the jump in advance and tourism are absolutely what the boondocks has bare for a continued time. If you accept to airing a little added to acquisition a abundant ascend or canyon a few added abundance bikers on the trails, all the bigger as it agency there are added abeyant aggressive ally or benumbed ally in town. It was, of course, consistently assured that an alfresco amusement paradise like this would be apparent one day, with or after the 2010 Winter Olympics bottomward in on the neighbours.